Our Recipe

Murukku is one of the most popular snacks in Asia and here in Singapore is not an exception  and it is even more popular at Deepavali (aka Diwali) festival time. It has been long been the tradition at most homes to make delicious snacks such as Murukku, along with some special Indian sweets for Deepavali.
Back in the olden days, making Murukku traditionally was quite an elaborate affair. Short grain rice would be washed and allowed to dry and spread out on a clean white cloth. When dried, it would then be stone ground in small handful batches to a fine powdery flour and the same repeated for roasted Urad dal/split Black gram as well. And the whole process would easily take couple of days before the actual making begins!
Now we neither have the stone grinders, nor time or the patience and probably the stamina to stone grind as well, having been so used to all the luxuries of modern life.At  Munchy Murukkus , our taste encompasses using the modern day technology as well. However we add our secret recipe directly to store-bought rice and lentil flours and there you are! the awesome taste of  traditional murukkus with a crunch! 

 A Glance of Munchy Murukku Process....  

    1. Dry roast the rice flour and urad flour separately  for 2 minutes each. Make sure both the flours are  just warm and not burnt.
    2. Grind the split chick peas and make it into a smooth powder.
    3. And two tbsps of water, then the salt and asafoetida.
    4. Mix them well and keep it aside.
    5. Fry the sesame seeds till it sputters completely and remove from heat. (be careful as they tend to sputter wildly)
    6. Take a wide pan and add all the flours, butter, sesame seeds, asafoetida & salt mixture and cumin seeds.
    7.  Slowly add water to knead it into a tight and stiff dough.
    8.  Now comes the fun part you need a Muruku mold to make this, There are different attachments comes with a murukku maker (just like the food processor attachment).
    9. Now take a small amount of dough and put it in the maker and close the maker.
    10. Take an  aluminum foil or Ziploc bags with some oil brushed on it.
    11.  Start pressing the mould and slowly rotate the maker into a circle shape till you form a medium sized  spirals as shown in pic.
    12.  Now heat oil in a pan when its hot enough to deep fry it add the murukku one by one( just lift the murukku gently from the foil by using your hand and slowly drop it in the oil or you can just put it in a wide spatula and drop it in the oil).
    13.  Deep fry until it becomes  golden brown and remove from heat.
    14. Let it cool for few minutes and store it in a air tight container.